(Jamila Drott, Daniel "EKTA" Götesson, Joakim Stampe)

Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg. August 2012


On the opening day (August 14, 2012) the gallery space was completely empty. All the material and tools needed to create the show had been delivered and placed on the street outside. The invited visitors helped bringing everything inside the gallery, which became the three artist's studio during five days, open for anyone to come by and watch the progress.

As part of the show photographer Per Englund documented the working process and produced five 24 page booklets in five days inside the gallery.
He also documented the documentation by pointing a surveillance camera towards himself, which broadcasted live on the publisher's website (svenskbokproduktion.se).

On August 19 the public was invited back to take part of the the finished result of the five days work. The handmade booklets were displayed and sold in a slipcase in an edition of 25 numbered copies.


Photographer – Per Englund
Publisher – Svensk Bokproduktion
Illustrations – 83 color photographs
Pages – 120 (5 booklets, 24 pages each)
Dimensions – 105 x 148 mm
Printing – Samsung CLP-325, laser printer
Binding – Husqvarna sewing machine, black cotton thread
Slipcase – Cardboard with title in black foil. Premade by Norrmalms Kartong
Paper – Scandia smooth, 100 gsm
Book design – Logotype & headlines by Museum Studio
Idea & concept – Per Englund / Svensk Bokproduktion
ISBN – 978–91–980137–2–6
Edition – 25 numbered copies

Printed and bound by Per Englund / Svensk Bokproduktion
Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg – 2012


the finished books on display 

logotype designed by museum studio 

per englund's working station 

some of the tools being used 

bookbinding with sewing machine 

glueing of the slipcases 

assembling the books 

example spreads 














artist biographies. book no. 5 


photographs from the series 








day 1 

day 2 

day 3 

day 4 

day 5